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South Plains Rural Health

Multi-Specialty Group Practice located in Levelland, Lamesa, and Big Spring, TX

At South Plains Rural Health Services (SPRHS) in Levelland, Big Spring, and Lamesa, Texas, you can meet with your physician and get your prescriptions filled under one roof. The clinic’s team of expert pharmacists work closely with your primary care physician (PCP), OB/GYN, or other practitioner to ensure you’re getting the right types of medications — and dosages. To fill a prescription, visit the SPRHS location nearest you or call the clinic.

Pharmacy Q & A

Why do I need a dedicated pharmacy?

While you’re certainly free to use any pharmacy you want to fill medications, having all of your medical records and prescriptions on file with a dedicated pharmacy team is beneficial. When your pharmacist has access to records of all of the other medications you’re taking, they can ensure:

  • You’re getting the proper dosage
  • They don’t interact with one another
  • You get refills in a timely manner

Or if you have a concern or need to make a change with your prescriptions, your dedicated pharmacist can reach out to your physician to request additional information, or a new script.

When you build a relationship with a dedicated pharmacist, you always have a go-to person to contact if you have questions, or if it seems like your prescriptions might not be effective. You can even talk to your pharmacist if you start taking over-the-counter medications, including cold medicine.

Will the pharmacy take my insurance?

The expert pharmacy team at South Plains Rural Health Services work with your insurance company and let you know about costly medications ahead of time. If a medication is expensive, they can offer guidance as to other medications that might be beneficial and reach out to your physician to see if you can change.

If your insurance company denies coverage of your medication, the pharmacy team can work with your physician to get a pre-authorization for coverage. This can help streamline your out-of-pocket expenses, so you get the drugs you need in a timely fashion.

Can I fill my prescriptions online?

Yes! One of the benefits of having all of your prescriptions on file at South Plains Rural Health Services is that your records are all in the system. The team can help you create an online profile where you can quickly access your records, request refills, or ask for changes from your practitioner. Of course you can always call to refill medications, or visit the most convenient location, too.

You can see your physician and get your prescriptions filled all under one roof at South Plains Rural Health Services. To get your refills or talk with a pharmacist, call or stop by the pharmacy.