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General Dentistry

South Plains Rural Health

Multi-Specialty Group Practice located in Levelland, Lamesa, and Big Spring, TX

Your dedicated dentist at South Plains Rural Health Services (SPRHS) is part of your overall preventive care medical team. If you need routine general dentistry care, or have an urgent tooth concern, the expert general dentists at the Levelland and Lamesa, Texas clinics can help. Book your dental appointment through the online scheduling system or call the location nearest you today.

General Dentistry Q & A

What treatments does a general dentist provide?

General dentistry embodies all types of tooth and oral health preventive care and treatments. Most men and women know that general dentists can perform routine exams and cleanings, as well as fill occasional cavities.

But your dedicated general dentist can do so much more for you and every member of your family. Some of the top-requested treatments general dentists offer include:

  • Root canals
  • Bridges and fillings

Your general dentist can even help you with more complex cosmetic treatments, such as dental veneers or teeth straightening systems. These cosmetic services can help you get the smile of your dreams.

How often do I need to see the dentist?

As long as you’re generally healthy and your teeth are in good shape, you should see your dentist every six months. These routine exams are preventive visits that help keep your teeth and gums healthy, in addition to checking for early warning signs of oral cancer. You can always schedule visits in-between routine exams and cleanings if you experience tooth trauma or have a severe toothache.

What happens during a dental exam?

A dental exam is more than just having a teeth cleaning. Your dental practitioner thoroughly covers your overall oral health, checking for signs of abnormal tissues.

During your dental exam at South Plains Rural Health Services, you meet with a specialized hygienist as well as a general dentist. Your hygienist spends time:

  • Evaluating the health of your gums, tongue, and throat
  • Cleaning each tooth one by one
  • Taking new X-ray images
  • Flossing between teeth
  • Teaching you proper brushing

Afterwards, your dedicated dentist evaluates your X-rays and removes stuck-on plaque and tartar. They check to ensure you don’t have any lingering decay, and if you do, can generally perform small fillings on the spot. If you need further treatment, your dental team discusses your insurance coverage with you and lets you know all available options for further care.

Whether you need a routine dental exam and cleaning or have an urgent oral health issue, schedule an appointment at South Plains Rural Health Services. Book your visit online or over the phone.