Understanding the Benefits of Behavioral Health

Behavioral health is a broad term that refers to how your behaviors affect your physical and mental wellness. Your eating habits, alcohol consumption, exercise routines, and patterns of thinking all fall under behavioral health. 

The behavioral health specialists at South Plains Rural Health provide support in the form of individual and family counseling to improve your mental health and overall wellbeing. 

Read on to learn why you might take advantage of these services to help you overcome mental and physical struggles and improve your quality of life. 

About behavioral health

Behavioral health addresses the connection between behaviors and the health and wellbeing of your mind, body, and spirit. Issues that may be included as part of behavioral health support include: 

Mental health concerns are included under behavioral health, but that’s just part of what behavioral health care provides.

Behavioral health focuses on therapies that can help you modify your behaviors for the better. The counseling also reinforces positive behaviors and offers ways to overcome negative behaviors. 

How behavioral health can help you

Behavioral health has many predictable outcomes, including better management of mental illness, a higher quality of life, improved work performance, and less burden on society. 

However, the effects of behavioral health are far more personal when it comes to the individual. If you’re struggling with substance abuse, behavioral health can help you kick your habit and, as a result, restore your relationships with family and friends and save your physical health. 

Behavioral health is key to those suffering from social isolation and disordered eating, too.

Behavioral health support can also help you avoid the physical effects of mental health conditions. For example, by addressing depression, behavioral health can reduce your risk of developing associated conditions like cancer, stroke, heart disease, and diabetes. Behavioral health can help prevent complications of alcoholism that include cirrhosis and chronic hepatitis.

Seek our behavioral health services if you’re struggling with substance abuse, suicidal thoughts, severe mood swings, relationship issues, or depression and anxiety. You may notice these mental health issues can cause physical problems and social issues, like unemployment, family divisions, or homelessness.

Behavioral health offers immediate and long-term benefits

In the short term, behavioral health aims to help you reduce or stop substance abuse and help you find steady work and housing. With behavioral health counseling, you may be able to decrease depressive or anxious episodes and feel more in control of your life.

Behavioral health is more than mental health care

Behavioral health focuses can help you understand how your habits are affecting overall physical and mental wellbeing. The ultimate goal of behavioral health is to help you live a fuller, more meaningful life. 

Mental health care addresses a diagnosed illness, such as schizophrenia or bipolar disorder. Behavioral treatment plans involve much more as they help you change your behaviors, daily habits, and patterns of thinking whether you have a diagnosed mental illness or not.

If you or a loved one could benefit from the behavioral health services offered at South Plains Rural Health Services in Levelland, Lamesa, and Big Spring, Texas, call to make an appointment, or use the online tool to schedule an initial visit.

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