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How Can a Family Medicine Doctor Help Me?

Have a fever and cough? Call a family medicine doctor.

Did your child wake up with an unusual rash? Call a family medicine doctor.

Does your aging mother need a blood pressure check? Call a family medicine doctor.

Does your diabetic brother need help managing his blood sugar levels? Call a family medicine doctor.

Family medicine doctors offer a wide variety of treatment to patients of all ages. No matter who in your family is sick, the family medicine team at South Plains Rural Health is here to help. Read on to learn how people from in and around Levelland, Lamesa, or Big Spring, Texas can benefit from establishing a relationship with our family medicine docs.

One practice to call

No matter who in your family is sick, it’s comforting to know who to call. You don’t have to figure out each person’s doctor and keep track of their contact information. When you establish a regular relationship with a family medicine doctor, that physician knows your family history and your personal health history, so they can provide highly personalized care.  

If you should have a specialized need, all your medical records are kept at one practice. We can easily refer you to the right practitioner and send them your medical information so that your care is consistent and hassle-free. If there’s an in-house specialist on staff, we can send you to them as well.

Provide services to all ages

A family medicine practice can offer immunizations to babies, well-child checks to school-age kids, well-woman checks to adult women, preventive care and screenings to adults, and geriatric care to older adults.

This also means you receive continuity of care. As you get older, your practitioner knows what issues you experienced in youth. Plus they can track your health markers with time and notice small changes that could indicate an impending complication or chronic condition early, when that condition is easiest to treat.

Great breadth of knowledge

Instead of arranging their practice around an organ system or particular population, family medicine doctors are trained to be able to deal with the multiple medical issues that might affect a family unit. You don’t have to make separate appointments at different locations for your gynecological care, diabetic checks, dermatological needs, or blood pressure medications.

South Plains Rural Health also has behavioral specialists on staff to help with emotional concerns or mental health issues, which can affect you physically as well as mentally. The practice also offers optometry and dentistry services. 


How convenient is it to be able to take care of multiple family appointments on the same day? You can schedule appointments for your kids and yourself, so you don’t have to drive to separate locations, make extra phone calls, and possibly take additional time off of work to tend to your family’s health needs.

Better understanding of your environment and medical history

When you have a family medicine doctor who cares for every member of your family, they have a comprehensive understanding of your family medical history. The doctors at South Plains Rural Health know that you have a family history of certain cancers or heart conditions. This can help them know which screening tests are most appropriate for you and make more accurate diagnoses. 

Your family medicine doctor can also become familiar with your home and work life and family dynamics. These factors influence your physical and emotional health.

For your comprehensive health care needs, make an appointment at South Plains Rural Health. Call the most convenient office, or schedule an appointment online for all those in your family who need preventive, diagnostic, and management care. 

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