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Why More People Are Seeking Out Counseling Services

Why More People Are Seeking Out Counseling Services

People seeking support for their mental health rose about 2% from 2019 to 2021. There are many reasons for this increase in demand for counseling and other mental health services. 

Issues surrounding the Coronavirus pandemic contributed to the rise in these numbers. Also, an increased awareness and validation of mental health conditions as real problems that deserve help are also behind the increase.

Here at South Plains Rural Health Services, we offer mental health services to those in Levelland, Lamesa, and Big Spring, Texas. These are some indications that you could benefit from our counseling services.

The impact of the pandemic

Shutdowns, restrictions, political divisions, lost jobs, and changes in routine completely altered people’s lives. 

The isolation, disappointment, and fear led to increased rates of depression and anxiety. Insomnia and increased rates of drinking are other results of the pandemic that have an effect on mental health. 

The speed with which restrictions came on and the unpredictability of the pandemic heightened the increase in need for counseling services. 

More acceptance of mental health

Mental health conditions used to be considered a stigma. But, times have changed. Now 87% of American adults agree that having a mental health disorder is nothing to be ashamed about. 

There’s greater awareness of the symptoms and that these are real conditions that deserve care. Counseling is a proven way to process the feelings associated with mental health problems and to learn new behaviors to help yourself manage. 

Symptoms that suggest you’d benefit from counseling

Mental health counseling is helpful in a variety of ways, including post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), anxiety, depression, grief, and obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD).

Symptoms and behaviors that suggest you’d benefit from our counseling services include:

Feelings of being overwhelmed

If you feel like you have just too many things to do or issues with which to cope, counseling can help you prioritize and put things into perspective.

Extreme fatigue

Fatigue that keeps you from getting out of bed in the morning or that prevents you from doing activities is a sign of depression. 

Mood irregularities

Disproportionate anger or resentment are signs of a possible mood disorder that would benefit from counseling. We can help you learn how to manage your moods and prevent them from escalating to an unhealthy result.

Increased isolation

If you find yourself avoiding social events and places more than usual, counseling can help.You may even notice that you feel distress when you’re around other people. Severe isolation can make it so you don’t want to leave your house. Counseling can help you learn to deal with these feelings.

Anxious thoughts

Worry is normal, but excessive worry that causes physical symptoms or interferes with daily activity deserves counseling to help you learn how to manage. 

Lack of interest

If you lose interest in activities that once brought you joy, it could be a sign of depression. 

Loss of motivation

If you feel hopeless or feel like you have no future, you may be struggling with depression. Counseling can help you overcome this loss of motivation and get more out of life. 

If you’d like to explore how counseling can help you manage your day-to-day life, reach out to South Plains Rural Health Services today. Call our nearest location today, or use the online tool to set up an appointment.

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